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Center for dental aesthetics and implantology

A dent, Banja Luka

The healthcare institution - dental office exists for 10 years already. In the meantime, we have developed into a Center for Dental Aesthetics and Implantology.

The A Dent team is composed of eminent doctors who are specialists in their own domain, specifically the fields of Dental Prosthetics, Oral Surgery and Implant Dentistry, Orthodontics, Periodontology and other dentistry fields. Few doctors also work at the Faculties of Dentistry at the Universities of Banja Luka and Belgrade in the positions of professors and assistants. Continued professional development and attendance at renowned world congresses and conferences guarantee a highest level of expertise of the team and possibility to provide services belonging to contemporary world’s dental practice.

Contemporary technologies owned by "A dent" Center ensure maximum comfort to patients, pain-free procedures as well as significant time saving. We are especially proud of our CAD/CAM system "CEREC" that enables the creation of metal-free crowns, veneers or inlays during only one visit, in few hours and with flawless aesthetic result. Products used by our Center are at the cutting edge of quality and prominence in the world, to name just a few: Premium brand Nobel Biocareimplants, GC products, Dentsply, IvoclarVivadent, 3M ESPE, Zoom and laser teeth whitening....

We are based at the very center of Banja Luka on the banks of the beautiful Vrbas river, at the address 4 Gavre Vučkovića. Many satisfied patients arriving from nearby regions as well as foreign countries (Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Sweden, USA, Croatia, Serbia,…) are witnesses of the excellence of our operations. For all our patients coming from foreign countries, there is a possibility to organize accommodation in the apartments located in the same building where our Center is based. Welcome!

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Welcome to A dent!

Our specialist services

We are proud to offer the wide range of dental services with the highest world standards

Aesthetic Dentistry

Your smile says a lot about you! Perfect smile should no longer be an exception but a general standard!

We can achieve it with the help of our highly professional team and the most contemporary dental devices and materials of proven quality and renowned manufacturers. Let us take you into the world of aesthetic dentistry, by keeping up with the world’s trends in this area. In our center, only perfect is good enough!

We have the knowledge and possibilities to give you the new Hollywood smile in only several sessions! ;)

  •  Replacing missing teeth (implants, crowns, bridges,…)
  •  Ceramic facets e
  •  Treatment of tooth discoloration (endo-bleaching)
  •  Exceptionally high-quality composite fillings
  •  • Teeth whitening by new methods

Dental prosthetics

Dental prosthetics deals with replacing the lost and correcting the teeth that do not meet aesthetic requirements, thus achieving the full functional and cosmetic rehabilitation of the oral cavity of our patients.

We provide all types of prosthetic restoration in cooperation with the well equipped dental laboratory Full Dent that uses only biocompatible and non-irritable materials in their work.

We will list only a few services that we provide:

  •  Ceramic crowns and bridges (all-ceramic)
  •  Porcelain facets (veneers)
  •  Metal ceramic crowns and bridges
  •  Temporary crowns and bridges
  •  Complete dentures (acrylic and metal-based)
  •  Implant retained dentures (traditional and mini implants)
  •  Removable partial dentures (with clasps, attachments and telescopic crowns)

Dental implants

Although there are many types of dentures and bridges, the invention of implants in the modern dentistry enabled simple and very efficient way to replace lost teeth. None of the methods of prosthetic restoration are as permanent and as efficient as dental implants. To put it simply, these are artificial tooth replacements. They consist of the implant body anchored directly into the upper or lower jawbone, followed by osseointegration, that is, bone growing right up to the implant surface which takes some time depending on the type of the implant used. Suprastructure, that is, the part holding the future crown or another type of prosthetic restoration is then mounted on the implant causes for tooth loss. The loss disrupts the chewing function as well as the visual appearance of the patient. Teeth must be replaced for restoring the function and aesthetics of rows of teeth. Although there are different types of dentures and bridges, the modern dentistry enables easy yet very efficient method of replacing the missing teeth thanks to invention of implants.

Dental implants used in the A DENT office fall into the group of the best quality systems in the world: Nobel Biocare: Nobel Active and Nobel Replace, Straumann, along with the use of contemporary bone and membrane replacements (Bio-oss and Bio Guide) guarantee very successful surgical periodontal and implant surgery procedures.

Advantages of implants:

  •  Simple and painless insertion under local anaesthesia
  •  Prevent further bone decay
  •  Restore teeth function
  •  Do not defer from teeth in terms of aesthetics
  •  Possibility to restore toothless jaw by using few implants to support a denture
  •  Practically last for a lifetime

Teeth Whitening

Your smile is extremely important. White, shiny smile is truly amazing – it makes you feel exceptional and full of self-esteem, while leaving an excellent first impression on everybody.

Make a first step towards your beautiful smile! Look refreshing and feel excellent with snowy white teeth whose extraordinary spark will be achieved in less than an hour. Zoom! Teeth whitening is safe, efficient and very fast.

Zoom! is the system of teeth whitening that removes discoloration of tooth enamel and dentin. Zoom! could be seen in the American TV show "Extreme make-over" where it was used to whiten the teeth of participants of that show. At present, Zoom! is by far the most appreciated teeth whitening system in the USA.

Advantages of Zoom! teeth whitening:

  •  Brightens teeth by 8 shades in 45 minutes
  •  Painless and safe teeth whitening
  •  Long-lasting results
  •  No teeth sensitivity

Oral Surgery

Oral surgical interventions represent a part of everyday dental interventions. Extraction of impacted teeth, placing implants, removal of pathological processes (cysts, granuloma), at the tip of the tooth’s root (apicoectomy), interventions on affected gums and supporting tooth structure, aesthetic corrections on gums (gummy smile), maxillary sinus lift in order to achieve vertical dimension of bone for implant placement are only a few of surgical interventions performed in our office.

Interventions are performed by doctors trained at prestigious international and local clinics, seminars, courses. The interventions are completely painless under local anesthesia with ultimate comfort for the patient.

Dental Fillings

Tooth fillings are used to fill hollows on parts of teeth caused by caries on either front or back teeth. We are able to meet all aesthetic or functional requirements by applying composite (“white”) fillings of the best world manufacturers based on expertise and long-lasting experience of our team.


Endodontic interventions imply the treatment of a tooth affected by pulp tissue infection (nerve) due to caries or tooth trauma. In that way we are saving the tooth from extraction. The expertise and equipment within our A DENT Center for Dental Aesthetics and Implantology enable painless and comfortable treatment of root canal. The modern instruments enable digital measurement of the length of root followed by profiling and finalisation of the procedure in a short period of time.


Periodontal pathology includes pathology of periodontium, that is, gums and bone anchoring the teeth (alveolar bone). As a result of that, periodontal pockets around teeth occur leading to loosening of teeth and ultimately their loss. Prevention and therapy in our office is performed on a daily basis by interventions as little invasive as possible and under local anaesthesia and contemporary instruments used in our office.

Some of the periodontal services we provide include: removal of soft and hard deposits on teeth, cleaning of periodontal pockets, periodontal surgery, gingivectomy, mucogingival autotransplant...

Photo gallery Before-After

Crowns 1

Successfully implemented procedure of setting crown

Crowns 2



Whiten teeth by ZOOM method

Why choose "A dent"?

The professional and experienced staff

Our experts participate in the most important dentist conferences in the world, applying the latest technologies and the highest quality standards in their daily job.

The long tradition

Our relationship with our patients is personal and friendly, built on years of trust

State-of-the-art equipment

We take care of our equipment follows the latest technology in dentistry

We respect your time

All interventions will be completed in the shortest possible time, but without any compromise in quality level of our work.


Each step in the treatment is planned in advance and there are no unpleasant surprises.


Dental tourism

Dobro nam došli i iz inostranstva!

Ako ne živite u Bosni i Hercegovini a želite blistav osmjeh, mi smo tu da Vam to omogućimo. Mnogi naši pacijenti dolaze iz Slovenije, Njemačke, Austrije, Italije...

Mi smo u mogućnosti da Vam na profesionalan i brz način omogućimo zdravlje Vaših zuba i savršen osmijeh. Kod nas dobijate vrhunsku uslugu uz korištenje najsavremenijih materijala i opreme na svjetskom nivou po pristupačnijim cijenama. Cijena stomatoloških usluga naše ordinacije su višestruko niže nego u zemljama okruženja.

Za sve naše pacijente iz inostranstva postoji mogućnost organizovanja smještaja u apartmanima u istoj zgradi gdje se nalazi naš centar.

Do savršenog osmijeha možete doći u samo nekoliko koraka! Više informacija

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